The people of the United States are in an uproar as we approach the first full week of self-quarantined madness caused by COVID-19. Many of our brothers and sisters in countries across the globe are days or even weeks ahead of us as they battle the same crisis.  In days such as these, fear is […]

Salvation in a Troubled Time



One of the top arguments I hear against homeschooling is, “I could never homeschool! My kids wouldn’t listen to me and we would fight constantly.” Well… that, and the age-old socialization question. (Insert overdramatic eyeroll here because anyone who has ever homeschooled knows that homeschool kids get way more adult and peer socialization than most […]

Homeschooling with a Happy Heart



Now, I’ll be the first to admit that the terms “career goals,” “caring for children” and “newborn baby” don’t seem to go together. Even the title of this blog strikes fear in the heart of productive moms everywhere. So, from a realist’s standpoint, is it actually possible to make all your career goals a reality […]

How to Make All Your Career Goals a Reality While Caring for Children and a Newborn