First, I am a child of the Almighty God and a follower of Jesus. Second, I'm a wife, a homeschooling mom, a business owner, real estate professional, author, and coffee lover. Maybe or maybe not in that order! 

Many years ago, my love for writing was materialized through fiction novels, but as time went on, I felt God calling me to use my books for a higher purpose. As a devout Christian, it's my mission to inspire others to love, lean on, and grow closer to Jesus every moment of each day.

God gifted me with a passion and a skill for writing, and I want to use that endowment to bless my sisters in Christ. When I can couple that with my love of business, all the better!

My goal is to provide faith based devotionals, studies, and inspirational non-fiction to my readers.

My credentials are... A Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Southeastern Oklahoma State University and a mission from the Creator of the universe. My confidence is in Him.